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kill them all
Who is Duckroc? The answer is a gamer with strange name and almost always with a female character and with a girl as a gamer picture.

Playing games has always been a big part of my life since I was a child. There were no electronic games in that time, more board games
and such things. Video games come in to my life when I was growing up, from the first Game&Watch played in school up till now with an
Xbox 360 played on a big screen projector in the living room with friends and family.

My wife has a more laid back attitude to games but my two daughters is brought up with lots of video games and plays almost every day.
I have to concentrate real hard sometimes when we play not to lose. Playing on Wii is most for family fun but in games that matter like FPS
they are getting frightening better every time we play. My goal (possible or not) is to still be the best in the house before they move out.
Luckily my wife is always there if I hade to win and feel superior.

My first gamer name was Conan, really don't remember why I chose an Arnold character, but I let it go for about 10 years now. Some old
games still got Conan on the top list but I don't got the time or motivation to let Duckroc take there places.

Why Duckroc? It's a word trick of my last name and it's probably just close friends and family who gets it. Why always a girl character and
gamer pictures? Well, in some games a female character is slightly faster or smaller and because i'm such a great(?) player I can compensate
for the usual weaker character. And some player gets REALLY irritated to get owned by a girl (they think). That's pretty fun actually!

Of course, a true gamer always have a dark alter ego, a second profile to use when you just don't care about gamer score, playing fair
and keeping the rep up. I created z Darth Vader z some years ago and I use it sometimes to go nuts with different people on that friend list.
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