The Clan
kill them all
The Clan
DCC ( xxx.xxx.xxx. ) founded in 2007 by me and have a small number of members.
Current stage is "discreet activity" so we are there when needed. Most active in COD4,    
but we kick it in whatever game we play. The G.B team ID is 211786.   
What does DCC stand for? If you don't know, your not in the clan...


HSK ( high score krew ) started by Cronus back in early 2006 when PDZ was the
hottest title. We were about fifty members and was doing alright in the ladders.
Clan was disband late that year but i still got some members on my friend list.

GX ( generation x ) started by Jesus RMA ( also a HSK member ) after that HSK was        
gone. Jesus disband the clan after 3 month when the interesse for PDZ was lacking.

JOIN DCC  So you want to join us? Well i'm not sure,
you might. Its good to play to win, otherwise you are
a looser. But there has to be limitations. Its no reason to
let it get out of hands and end up with anger, frustration
and tears burning in your eyes.

Every game has to be played because its fun, you
control the game, not the other way around.

If this sounds right you can give it a shot, drop me a
line with your thoughts about it. Most likely you will be
rejected but who knows, you just might get the motto:
Play For Fun - KILL THEM ALL

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